How to transform your
business and thrive in
times of rapid change.

We live in disruptive times. Business is now done on a whole new playing field. As a business leader, you have a choice: adapt or die. If you’re determined to survive and profit, you must rise to the challenge of disruption by seeking out opportunities to change. To do this, you need to shift your mindset and focus on the things that matter most. But you don’t have to do this alone.

In Fit for Disruption, you’ll discover the 3 key attributes that will help your organisation become change-ready and, as a result, a profitable industry leader.



so you can profit from being bold.



new solutions, so you continue to innovate and
deliver value for customers.



so your organisation is able to deliver sustained
business performance well into the future.

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Just 4 of the lessons you’ll learn in Fit for Disruption

How to develop a clear strategy for long-term growth

Discover how to clarify why you’re in business and what business you’re in. Learn how to build good governance and ensure you have visibility to track progress.

How to make every dollar count to increase profits and free up cash for investment

Learn how to eliminate waste and cut the right costs to make your business stronger and more competitive, including an ability to invest in the right areas.

How to embed creativity and innovation throughout your organisation

Understand how to foster creativity, how to develop a creative mindset, and how to apply it practically to solve real problems that deliver value for customers.

How to lead change and empower your people

Build confidence in your ability to communicate and lead change, and discover how to build the right change team and empower them to make change happen.

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  • Why change is such a significant force and why it’s so important to embrace it.
  • The 3 attributes of the Fit for Disruption model that will help your organisation become a profitable industry leader.
  • How to develop a strategy for your organisation as the first step to being commercially minded.
    Plus much, much more!

Meet the disruptive-change expert.

Matthew Webber is an expert in commercial, operational and transformational leadership, and founder of Menark Group, a customer-centric operations and strategy consultancy based in Melbourne and Hong Kong.

With over 20 years of commercial experience as a senior leader and consultant, Matthew has transformed businesses within the retail, consumer goods, manufacturing and distribution sectors, across Australia and the broader Asia Pacific region.

Matthew is recognised for his dynamic stakeholder engagement – from boards and executive management teams through to frontline operational staff – having worked with organisations in various industries, across the globe.

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  • Adapt and thrive in a disruptive environment,
  • Make your organisation change-ready,
  • Enhance your ability to innovate and create value,
  • Lead change effectively, and
  • Ultimately become a profitable industry leader…

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